Health Tips: Eyes as Spirit Windows

On 11/11/17, Grandmaster Liu held the final “Slow Qigong” class in a series of four. She shared her thoughts on many topics, including the importance of the eyes. As the “Spirit Window”, every meridian and organ supports the eyes.

Tuesdays with Cynthia—Redwood Heights Rec Center Qigong

Come practice Dayan Qigong on Tuesday afternoons, 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM, with instructor Cynthia Eaton at the Redwood Heights Recreation Center.

"The Mind-Gut Connection," 2 Book Reviews

Many thanks to nutrition & herbal therapist, Susan Blanc, from Kitchen Table Remedies and local qigong practitioner, Lulu Featherlight for submitting reviews of this interesting, paradigm-shifting book, published in 2016.

Qigong Intensive + Inner Peace/Outer Peace Workshop at Energy Matters, Oakland

What's New at Wen Wu School?


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3 new qigiong classes at WWS Portland

Wen Wu School, Portland, Oregon has 5 certified Dayqn Qigong Instructors and 3 assistant Teachers. Meet the instructors here. See class details below, or click here to register for classes in Portland.

NYT, Sunday op-ed: "After Surgery in Germany I wanted Vicodin, Not Herbal Tea"
Kaiser San Leandro & Fremont Qigong Classes Begin in March

While the planning process for a revised 8-week qiggong class is continuing to be developed,  a regular 8-week series of Level 1 Qigong classes are scheduled to begin at Kaiser Permanente San Leandro and Fremont campuses sometime in March.

New Weekend Immersion classes at Energy Matters

Can’t make it to our 8 week qigong classes? Now you have a new option: Weekend Immersion.


Don't Miss This Collaborative Interfaith Art Exhibit—Closes on Feb 24, 2018

WWS-certified qigong Instructor, Dove Govrin, who is also a Movement Therapist and Ceramic Artist, continues to integrate her interests fluidly. What she practices in movement, she creates in art.

Francesca Borgatta,"Configurations" Art Exhibit in San Francisco (Jan 12-May 6)

Happy Lunar New Year of the Earth Dog

China rings in the Lunar New Year in a big way with the  Spring Festival that ends with the Red Lantern Festival. (Read more: Customs). Depending upon where you live celebrations can last anywhere from one week to 23 days.

"Gratitude. What is your practice?" Explore the Dao with Alex Feng, at Zhi Dao Guan (7:00 PM)