Welcome to Student Resources

Explore the resources in this section by clicking any of the items under the expanded menu bar to the right.  Below is a thumbnail sketch of things to investigate further, at your leisure:

  • Teaching Points BLOG:  This website has 5 Blogs. Clicking this button is a shortcut, taking you diretly to the Teaching Points BLOG.
  • Group Practices:  This takes you directly to a listing of all (hopefully) current practice groups. The default is purposefully set to show the kind of detailed information you will find with each listing. The easiest way to find a Practice Group, however, is to click the words "Summary Listing" just below the Group Practices heading. Hover over whatever Practice Group you are interested in, and the details will drop down for you to see. If you want to print the details, click the Selection Box. When you are done, click on "Print Selected Groups," and the system will print details for only the groups you have selected.
  • Practice Group Guidelines:  Provides answers to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about how practices get started and how they are run.
  • Warm-ups (List)
  • List of Movements (1st Set)
  • Health Links: This part of the website takes you to a page providing direct links to many resources shared by students and teachers during the context of many classes over many years. The links are organized by: 

  1. Acupuncture resources
  2. Related Health & Wellnes (general)
  3. Tea and Teaware
  4. Food as Medicine
  5. Other (Miscellaneous topics of interest that come up in class)
    • Related Groups & Associations:  These are links to global associations and groups.