Terrific new restaurant in El Cerrito: "NOODLES FRESH"

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What a treat it was to eat at this combination tea house/Chinese restaurant. The owners hail from Jingdezhen, China, a town known as the, "...porcelain capital of the world." So the cooking styles, emphasis on fresh ingredients, menu selections, and even the products available for sale, are meant to be an authentic reflection of the owners' cultural values and sense of place.

I was there for a private banquet that filled the entire restaurant. No doubt the menu was specially prepared for the occassion, and some dishes perhaps not on the menu at all. Every dish was cooked to order, flavorful, and seasoned distinctively. Many vegetarian and gluten-free options were available as well.

Enter a short description of the image hereI enjoyed a leisurely dinner with great service, delicious rose flavored green tea, and afterwards browsed among two walls and a large area of lovely porcelain and clay tea cups, pots, and tea service accouterments before purchasing two special gifts for myself. I definitely look forward returning to try more menu items, or to make use of the small conference room available for a small group meetings.

Location: 10042 San Pablo Avenue (near the El Cerrito Theatre), 94530. Parking in Rear. Hours: 11 AM to 9 PM daily. (510) 898-1710. Menu online: www.NoodlesFresh.com.