Stress Relief & Good Health From Qigong

An interview with Ernie & Peggy Walters

Ernie & Peggy WaltersIn 2007, Ernie Walters was sitting in his doctor’s office waiting for a regular check up. “My job was pretty stressful, I wasn’t in the best shape physically . . . and my back was bothering me”, he said.  Then the doctor told him that his blood pressure was “exceptionally high," and recommended three different medications.

Ernie WaltersRemembering a class listing he had seen in the Health and Fitness catalog in the office earlier, about qigong, he decided to give it a try. “The idea of learning a practice that would be relaxing and ease pain seemed quite appealing.  It sounded like something that I could actually do physically, so I thought I’d give it a try,” he said.

By 2011, after joining the qigong class and practicing regularly, his blood pressure had stabilized within in the normal range. He is currently taking only one blood pressure drug three times a week. His flexibility has improved greatly and he experiences, “ . . . only a minimal amount of back pain, usually caused by over exertion.” Ernie also credits qigong with helping him to cope with a stressful job.  “I practiced qigong during my morning break; during my afternoon break I would practice and meditate. I often used massage points to help me relax and deal with stress during work. “Practicing makes me feel better, and enables me to deal with things in a more relaxed manner,” he says.

Ernie & Peggy WaltersPeggy Walters, Ernie’s wife, joined the class in 2009, when the Tai Chi class she’d been taking was cancelled.  The benefits she notices with the practice include: “sleeping better (always a problem for me), feeling less stress, as well as an overall feeling of peace.”

Now retired, Ernie feels that qigong has made a difference in all parts of his life. Peggy says she is more relaxed, and generally feels good. When asked what advice they might have for anyone considering taking a class, Ernie says: “Don’t think about it. Just do it. The benefits are unbelievable”.

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