Spring 2012: Three students complete the "100-day Challenge"

Congratulations to Pamela R., Jim C, and Louise H. for successfully completing the 100-day Practice Challenge! Aside from making a personal commitment to develop a daily practice, they each found ways to obtain support and encouragement along the way. They are now seeking to continue their daily practice with a newly revised goal in mind: To continue practicing every day for one entire year. How do they feel about achieving this signivicant milestone? Read below and find out.

"With a little help from my friends, our local qigong practice groups, and encouragement during class . . . 100 consecutive days of practice was an easy goal to achieve," says Pam, an intermediate-level student from the Deepening Your Qigong Practice class at the Castro Valley Adult & Career Education Center. Pam completed her 100-day Challenge on March 23, 2012.

Jim C., a Wen Wu School of Martial Arts student, highlights mutual support as a key factor in the combined success of him and his wife, Louise. He completed his 100-day Challenge on April 5, 2012.

"Usually it is Louise who reminds us that we haven't done qigong before we go to bed. Sometimes it is me.

The best part of doing the 100-day challenge is that the ongoing daily practice has really engrained the Form into my being in a way that I had not experienced before. I find I am more aware of subtlety than I had been. There is less "thinking" about what I am doing, and more "in" what I am doing, and that feels great!

The hardest part has been remembering every day to practice. Both of us sharing the same goal has helped a lot. I think my body alignment has improved since I started doing the Form consistently. I notice my movements more during the day . . . and I notice that I visit my chirpractor less frequently too!

Louise H., also a Wen Wu School of Martial Arts student, completed her 100-day Challenge on April 10, 2012.

"Doing the Form every day has been very grounding for me. My life is wonderfully full, and sometimes I don't take enough time to slow down during the day. So doing the Form each evening has helped me to be in touch with myself. Practicing the Form with my husband Jim has made the 100-day Challenge doable because we encourage each other and help each other remember to "do the Form." Now I'm not so uptight about getting it right. I just do it and continue to learn as I go."

Bravo, and congratulations to you all!

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