Spirited elder finds friendship, health, and wellbeing through Dayan Qigong

After two hip replacements, I started practicing Dayan Qigong at age 90.  Although I’d been conscientiously doing the post-surgical rehabilitation exercises, I still felt off balance, so the physical therapist recommended qigong. I’d never heard of it, but I joined a friend who was taking a class in Castro Valley with Cynthia Eaton. Two years later I’m still a student.

I was a long-time community activist and physically active all my life. I played volleyball and basketball, and swam, and until my hips begged for relief, I was still hiking 5 to 9 miles every week. A long-time over achiever, qigong is teaching me that I need to be patient as I endeavor to learn the movements, and accept that some may take a lifetime to perfect. But perfect or not, am rounding the corner of 150 plus days of doing the Form, having completed the magic 100 days of continuous practice in April.

How do I feel? The exercises, the Form, Cynthia’s teaching skills and caring persona, all contribute to my sense of mental and physical wellbeing.  What have two years of classes and solo practices done for me? Apart from helping to improve and maintain good health, I’ve met some very special people with whom I feel a strong bond of friendship. This social interaction is vital to my good health, and I’m deeply grateful for both the practice and the community of students.

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