Quality of Life Improvements Through Dayan Qigong

Jan TarghettaI was diagnosed with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and asthma and have lived with very painful muscle spasms and pain for many years now. Off and on, however, since 2007 I have been attending Dayan Qigong classes which has been very helpful. Approximately two years ago I noticed more flexibility and I was finally able to practice the entire  1st Set. I also noticed that when I could not exercise I was not as flexible and my symptoms returned. So practicing qigong has been a great way for me to manage pain symptoms and the debilitating effects of asthma.

Adapted Last year my asthma was out of control. I kept trying to exercise, but then I had a relapse. I was not allowed to exercise for about five months during which time my old pains and spasms started to consume me. I had to do something about it. So I devised a plan with my Asthma Care Manager that I would do the qigong activities and nothing else until my asthma was under control. With her approval I started to do the Form again, but very gently, and mostly while seated on a stool, to avoid inciting coughing or shortness of breath.

Class Picture— Fall 2011Prior to learning qigong my body had great difficulty adjusting to Denver's high altitude and I had trouble breathing. Last year I went to Denver and had no trouble adjusting to the altitude, and that was true this year as well. I believe that my body is adjusting more quickly these days to the shift from sea level to Denver's high altitude because of Dayan Qigong.

Jan with Quasi, an African grey parrotHaving just completed the 100-day Challenge on August 10, 2012, my new goal is to continue maintaining qigong as a daily practice. I can move more freely, and it is easier for me to go from a seated to a standing position. I feel more flexible and I have very few painful spasms. I believe that because I learned 1st Set Dayan Qigong, my quality life is much improved and I look forward to ongoing improvements.

Click to see Jan doing the Form: Video: 1st Set Dayan Qigong — Castro Valley Adult School (2011)

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