Dayan Qigong: A Moving Meditation, by Linda Yach

After being laid off a number of years ago, I knew I wanted to find a way to ground myself so that I could come from a place of calm when formulating my next moves. Being a very active person, both physically and mentally, I had been looking for ways to just “be” more, as I was already doing too much. I knew about the benefits of meditation, and had tried to start meditating a number of times, but found it difficult to stay still and focused, both mentally and physically. The Castro Valley Adult School brochure came one day, and I happened to notice a Wild Goose Qigong class listing. It sounded like what I had been looking for, so I signed up to see what it was about.

I discovered that one of the outcomes of learning and practicing Wild Goose Qigong is presence—being still and grounded in the moment. I consider qigong to be a moving meditation for myself, and it can also be very powerful when done in a community setting as well. This is something I love about this practice. The energy while practicing in a group is amazing!

Qigong crosses over into many areas of my life, and helps me to focus on being present in each moment. Professionally, I think of myself as an insightful, motivating and energizing catalyst who is committed to inspiring people to think about what really makes them tick and fulfills them. Subsequently, my infectious enthusiasm and unwavering support inspires them into action.

As a Walk Your Talk Life Coach and facilitator of Speaking Circles®—described simply as a gentle public speaking modality—I find that there are many common principles that are shared. Speaking Circles implements a relationship-based speaking approach, creating a supportive listening environment in which you learn to express yourself confidently and effectively through being fully present in your own unique style.

I am also a health aficionado, and have really loved learning how the qigong concepts and practices have a direct impact on my physical health. It’s encouraging to know that as I age, the practice of qigong will enable me to build strength and flexibility, as well as educate me in traditional Eastern health practices.

By practicing Dayan Qigong, I feel that I have enriched my life by becoming more in touch with my “quiet” side, as well as being able to practice with a wonderful community. I know that the more I practice, the more I will be able to feel the qi flowing through and around me, and that is very cool!